By Joe Keatinge, Leila del Duca & Owen Gieni

Shutter #1 is the latest in a long line of successful Image Comics titles to launch, and based on this issue it certainly has the potential to be a very strong addition to the stable of titles that in the past has included stuff like Saga, Lazarus, Velvet, Black Science, Rocket Girl and more. It’s definitely a good, positive start, with a strong voice and good narrative that could see this book moving into some great new territory.

This book is written by Marvel Knights: Hulk writer Joe Keatinge, who delivers a globe-spanning tale that has the feel of a weirder Indiana Jones. Kate Kristopher was once the most famous explorer on an Earth much weirder than our own, filled with Demons, Phantom Ninjas and several other creatures. However, she’s forced to return to the life that she left behind when a family secret starts to destroy everything in her life.  The book sets up the world that Kate lives in very well, and although this issue is not perfect – it serves as a good start to where things can go from here.

The issue itself has already proven to be a book with great depth and clear passion put into its creation. Kate Kristopher is a well rounded, interesting and sympathetic character and is certainly someone developed enough to carry an ongoing series based on what we’ve seen here. The narrative is strong and enthralling despite a few problems – and it’ll be interesting to watch how well this series does, because based on what we’ve seen here it can only get better.

The artwork is provided by Leila del Duca who delivers some stunning panels in the book. There’s a clear direction in the design and with Owen Gieni on colours, they both help create a great atmosphere and it’ll be very interesting to see what they can bring to the table in future issues of this title.

If there was one problem, it would be that the plot isn’t really on top form yet. The opening few pages of the book are great, but once we get stuck into the plot it starts to falter, not delivering as much as it could have done given the premise. However, that’s only really a minor issue – most of the book is a lot of fun, pulpy, awesome and serves as a great introduction to the world of Kate Kristopher, who is really what all first issues of new series should do.

Shutter may not be perfect then, but it comes recommended with a lot of potential to get even better.


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