By Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca & Owen Geini

This series got off to an excellent start with the first issue looking to add this book to the ranks of the better Image #1s from the publisher in the past few months that have included the likes of the excellent Manifest Destiny and Rat Queens. It’s shaping up to be a fun, interesting series with a unique protagonist and allows for a great read with an interesting cliffhanger that should have readers coming back for the third issue.

The story here wouldn’t be half as good as it was if Leila Del Duca had been a lesser artist. Thankfully, Duca more than lives up to the vast imagination that is on display here and produces several stunning pencils that really help make this book look and feel good, especially when enhanced by Owen Geini’s colours – which add a further layer of depth to the book – with both working together to bring to life a fascinating world that is one of the most original creations from Image, with Keatinge at the top of his game with an excellent book.

Kate Kristopher is the main character, a former writer turned photographer, and a very strong female lead character who is enjoyable to read about and has the reader getting behind her character all the more in the second month as Keatinge crafts a strong tale that continues from the cliffhanger at the end of #1 very well. It’s one of the weirdest books on shelves right now, full of imaginative ideas on display, and Keatinge is really fleshing out his world making it all the more engrossing.

As we no longer have to deal with as much exposition as the last issue did, Shutter instead sends us deep into the action, and doesn’t let up until the end with further layers of mystery being created as we go along, ending on an especially interesting note.

The book itself looks visually amazing and is very weird (but in a good way) indeed. Whilst it may not be to everyone’s tastes, Shutter continues to establish itself as a solid book that should have readers coming back for the next issue, with some excellent pencils provided from Leila Del Duca along with a fun and imaginative script by Joe Keatinge that should not disappoint.


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