By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

The wait is over! Silver Surfer #3 is here! Another great entry by storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred brings the same humor of previous issues with excellent artwork by Michael and Laura Allred. Silver Surfer continues his quest to save Dawn Greenwood (the girl that should have used red) from her imprisonment on THE IMPERICON as he develops a way to save another he learned needed his help last issue.

In an issue where “the power cosmic” is seemingly the answer to every possible question Slott continues to create big laughs alongside this voyage in space. With Dawn he’s created a great character to coincide with such a fantastical character as the Silver Surfer. Her personality and drive for heroism rivals even the Surfer’s own. She reminds him that everyone matters in a tale that’s been stressing the power of choice and how it can have grand impacts. Slott also has a lot of fun in this issue with word-play and creating mouthfuls that have the reader going over lines a few times just to enjoy the flow being created. He creates cut-scenes that don’t disrupt the flow of the story to show the reader details of the past as they become apparent – all while making sure each scene has that same wit.

The talented duo of Michael and Laura Allred bring another excellent showcase of just how fun outer space can look. No matter how many mouths a character has the artwork gives them fitting and sometimes silly facial expressions and gives each page a big splash of color. Any time the Never Queen is on the page it’s great to see what contrasts will be imagined. And as the depiction of Eternity brings in a more customary version of space it’s nice to see the two side by side on the page, creating different versions of outer space and reality. It’s great to see an array of different “aliens” getting spotlighted, humanoid or otherwise. There is a lot of creativity happening in this series with both the writing and the artwork.

There is no doubt that somehow Dan Slott has imbued himself with the power cosmic to create this tale. He’s accompanied by the perfect art/colors pair to demonstrate his humor in fitting visuals. Silver Surfer along with Dawn Greenwood (and Toomie) are off on a grand adventure filled with humor and action, and with this only being the 3rd issue it’s a great time to jump on and go along for the ride.


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