By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“I cannot be held at bay by glass, wooden frames…or drapes!”

Storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred provide us with another great issue of Silver Surfer! This time we’re given answers as to why the Surfer can’t seem to leave earth – and who better to supply us with those answers than Dr. Strange! , and Bruce Banner too! Slott writes another story full of funny lines and references to classic movies and fairytales “Come, Dawn Greenwood. Through the looking glass.” He takes this issue to wrap up his initial storyline revolving around how the Silver Surfer came to be with his new companion (or “Champion”) Dawn Greenwood, and why she’s so important to the story.

The banter between the two characters is as great as ever, with Surfer attempting to command Dawn and being met with an attitude he isn’t used to. (But…but…the power cosmic!). Also another appearance from Toomie! (Dawn’s name for the Surfer’s board).

Michael Allred’s artwork is still a fun take on the character and Laura’s color match perfectly. The absurd scenes featuring the dream/nightmare world where most of this issue takes place shows off a lot of Michael’s ability to have fun with the world Slott and he have created. A scene featuring the Hulk and Dr. Strange fighting off some crazy eyed nightmares depicts his art style well and gives a sense of Michael’s imagination at work. The scene has both heroes fighting off an endless attack accompanied with Slott’s humor in their dialogue. Laura’s colors are more flat on the page than varying in shades you’d see in other comics, but it works with Michael’s style and gives the scenes a color popping effect.

Reading this series it’s easy to see the creators are having a lot of fun with the story. We’re given a take on the Silver Surfer that is fresh and welcoming, and Dawn is a great companion to both Silver Surfer and Toomie!



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