By Cullen Bunn, Dale Eaglesham & Jason Wright

The creative team on Sinestro continue to make this an interesting series, taking things in some very different directions. While the latest installment wasn’t as high intensity as the first couple of books, there were definitely some big moments in issue #5 that will both surprise and excite readers.

Cullen Bunn has a good sense of this character, his motivations and personal philosophy. Sinestro has consistently been a fan-favorite character, and his first major solo series hasn’t disappointed yet. Admittedly, Sinestro #5 dragged on a little bit at times, perhaps extending certain interactions longer than necessary. It did feel like some of these moments could have been shortened to allow greater overall story progression and more action. Again though, there are also some really cool scenes in this book that many fans will likely not have seen coming. This includes a new plot development involving the Parallax entity that was pretty amazing, which could have some bigger implications down the road. Cullen Bunn also continues to confirm Soranik Natu’s place in this series as Hal Jordan instructs her to keep watching over Sinestro’s lanterns and the surviving Korugarians. As mentioned in previous reviews, this is another welcome addition for long-time fans of the pre-New 52 Green Lantern Corps, in which Soranik played a pivotal role. Some of Sinestro’s more mystic edge seeps through again, albeit with relatively less prominence. Let’s hope this aspect of the series continues to make an appearance.

The artists that have contributed to Sinestro so far have done a fantastic job. Issue #5 is another great looking addition to the series with powerful illustrations by Dale Eaglesham and vibrant colors by Jason Wright. Although there aren’t as many opportunities to go all-out with ring-constructs and other fun action-oriented details, these moments that do occur look great as always. There are some particularly unique details in this issue, including some of the design for the yellow and green tracers that follow the characters as they battle. The characters themselves are starting to look better than ever with much more consistency in all details like the facial features. The scene involving Parallax may be one of the best looks for this entity that we have seen so far, and the colors throughout the book make every panel really pop off of the page with a great deal of depth and vibrancy.

While not as intense overall as preceding installments, Sinestro #5 was another terrific part of this relatively new series. The creative team continues to make this an interesting read that feels both familiar and unique, and the latest issue includes a couple of great plot developments. It remains to be seen exactly where this one could go, but things are looking good so far.


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