By Corrina Bechko, Gabriel Hardman & Jordan Boyd

Star Wars Legacy is arguably the strongest Star Wars book on shelves right now, and it has just given readers another stellar issue. Picking up from last issue left off, with Ania is alone, caught in the middle of a glass storm, we’re thrust into a whirlwind ride of nonstop adventure in which several questions are answered in quick succession – we learn the identity of the Bounty Hunter on Ania’s tail, as well as multiple other questions that are answered. It’s all handled very well, and whilst it may fall into a tad cliché when the villain explains all their plans to the hero when they have them where they want them, for the large part, that’s the only misstep that this issue makes. It’s otherwise a very fun, and very high quality read that should be considered a must read for any Star Wars fan.

The artwork by Gabriel Hardman is of course awesome as per normal. Jordan Boyd’s colours continue to be strong, and as well as being one of the best written titles on shelves, Star Wars Legacy also manages to be one of the best drawn titles on shelves – the artwork is really captured well and continues to make Gabriel Hardman an artist that will go to the top of many reader’s to buy lists based on the quality of the excellent work that he’s been putting in for the series.

The added bonus of course with Hardman working on scripts means that the close collaboration of the creative team means that they rarely make a misstep. Aside from the problem that was mentioned earlier, Star Wars Legacy is one of the most fun Star Wars titles that this reader has read in ages – and it’s going to be the book that will be missed the most when the Star Wars rights move to Marvel.

The events depicted on the cover, dealing with the Imperial Stormtroopers arrest of Ania doesn’t happen until midway through the book, but it’s executed well – and this allows for a good scene where the Stormtroopers are taking Ania to a Tribunal on Coruscant that was one of the highlights of this issue, even if it was brief. This issue also looks set to be a game changer going forward, with a nice ending teaser that make the wait for next month being very long indeed.

In conclusion then, if you’re a Star Wars fan who’s not reading Star Wars Legacy then you’re doing something wrong. You don’t have to be familiar with the Star Wars expanded universe in order to know what’s going on here – the series can be read as a standalone and works very well. There are at least two trades out now – The Prisoner of the Floating World and Outcasts of the Broken Ring – so it’s something that you really should consider picking up.


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