by Matt Kindt, Marco Castiello, Dan Parsons and Gabe Eltaeb

Star Wars: Rebel Heist is a fun espionage romp taking place in the early years of the Rebellion. The concept of newer agents interacting with the central figures of the Republic in the Star Wars Universe continues this issue. This time, Leia is the focal point as she proves to the Twi’lek spy, Sarin, that the Princess is much more than just a figurehead to the Rebel cause.

Matt Kindt introduces the reader to another new face in the quiet corners in the fight between the Empire and the Republic. The set up is identical to the first issue, the events in the book are told from the perspective of an unfamiliar agent. This issue is told through the eyes of Sarin, a Twi’lek spy whose mission brings her in direct contact with Princess Leia. Sarin’s sense of wonder and respect of Leia’s skills as a spy is a great narration device. Kindt brings out Leia’s quick thinking, charisma and leadership abilities that prove the princess is not just another pretty face but a contender in the battle of galaxic freedom. The transition points are framed in movement, keeping the sense of urgency flowing throughout the book. Kindt gets his characters from one point to another with interesting obstacles producing an action packed, fun and fast paced read worthy of the movie franchise.

The art has a cinematic feel; the panels change size and shape changing with the action and tone of the script. There are some interesting close ups and long shots that create excitement in action free panels. Marco Castiello’s art captures the same youthful spirit that Carrie Fisher brought to the character’s debut in New Hope. Castiello’s strength is in his ability to draw well recognized personalities without over complicating their features. His pencils are complemented by Dan Parsons fine inks, giving them a crisp, clean look. Gabe Eltaeb colors give the art depth by adding dark and light hues at the appropriate moments in the story. The art team has some wonderfully rendered full page panels that are sure to please Star Wars fans.

Star Wars: Rebel Heist is an entertaining spy tale that makes good use of the iconic Star Wars characters as well as it’s the interesting and colorful inhabitants. Kindt is moving characters in place for a bigger pay off in exciting and action filled manner. With two solid issues under their belts Kindt, Castiello, Parsons and Eltaeb are crafting an excellent mini-series at the end of Dark Horse’s long standing rights to the Star Wars Universe.


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