by Matt Kindt, Marco Castiello, Dan Parsons and Gabe Eltaeb

Chewbacca is the focus of the third installment of Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Rebel Heist. Along with the Imperial Defector introduced in the previous issue, Chewie has to get them to a galaxy drive in an Empire palace which is heavily guarded and full of traps. Surprising twists on top of Chewie’s brawling and bowcaster prowess make this an exciting penultimate chapter of the limited series.

As in previous issues, the narrative is provided by a newly introduced cast member. This time the Imperial soldier that Saryn and Leia liberated teams up with Chewbacca.  Although the story is told from the agents perspective, the spotlight shines on Chewbacca. The admiration that the Imperial expatriate eventually expresses is a nice celebration of what makes Chewbacca such a well loved character. Matt Kindt’s script gives a fresh perspective and an appreciation for this world famous Wookie. The issue has a little slower pace, with heavy exposition. Dialogue is sparse, which makes the text boxes necessary to further the plot. Even with the heavy narrative, the book is still a solid read with no unnecessary text or explanations. The transition from Saryn to Chewbacca is slightly rushed. This sequence seems a little forced in order to get the supporting cast member in Chewbacca’s company. Once together, the story begins to flow more naturally. No two action sequences are similar, providing a variety of excitement and let’s Chewie show off his skills as a fighter and marksman.  Main and supporting characters appear to be in place which may bring the individual storyline together for an exciting final chapter.

Marco Castiello nails the physical aspects of the aliens that populate the Star Wars universe. Many of the background characters that graced the screen in the original trilogy are present and expertly given slight variations from Castiello’s pencils. As much as the script is a celebration of Chewie, Castiello matches it by illustrating the Wookie in all his grandeur. Castiello’s pencils and Parson’s inks provide Chewie with animated body language and facial expressions which give the mostly silent Wookie personality and character. Blaster shoots, Gamorreans, and Wookie hair are colored with care by Gabe Eltaeb. This versatile art team has illustrated different corners of the extended Star Wars Universe with each issue of the series so far.

Star Wars: Rebel Heist is unique in that there is a rotating cast in the three issues to date. The art team nails the aspects of the Star Wars Universe. Kindt’s exposition allows readers a look into the mind of an ex-trooper as he finds a new appreciation for Chewbacca. For three consecutive issues, Star Wars: Rebel Heist has contained a smart script, interesting plot and well illustrated action. The only drawback is there is only one more issue left in the series.


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