by Stjepan Šejić

The name Stjepan Šejić was the draw to checking out Sunstone, an original graphic novel from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions. His impeccable reputation as an artist, and in this case as a writer as well, kept me devoted even after seeing the word “erotica” in the description. In Šejić’s talented hands, he gently guides you through this story about two women with BDSM fetishes and their relationship with each other. Submit yourself, trust in him, and by the end, Sunstone will be far more enriching than expected.

More than just NSFW panels and some witty dialogue, Šejić introduces Ally and Lisa; two women who harbor sexual desires that feel too taboo to express openly. These two meet in an online chatroom and are finally able chat freely about their particular fetishes. They soon develop a mutual admiration with each other, but it isn’t until they decide to meet face-to-face that the apprehension sets in. How far can you truly trust someone you barely know at all-especially when it comes to sexual bondage? Fortunately, Šejić writes some wonderful character-development for these two characters and the apprehension gives way to excitement that feels alive on the page. The admiration and playfulness that Ally and Lisa share soon leads to more, and they begin to wonder whether a line should be drawn-or is it even possible? Can Ally and Lisa confess their true feelings to each other and move forward into a romantic relationship while also trying to stay true to themselves in their Mistress-Submissive relationship?

Šejić’s artwork in this book is absolutely stunning; the characters of Ally and Lisa are amazingly beautiful to behold and if you’re gonna look at a book where two women agree to have a session of erotic expressionism with each other, you’re probably not gonna find a better book to look at. Šejić also has some very nice panel designs that really make the book flow beautifully with the narrative. He also gives us some wonderful bonus material in a behind the scenes narrative accompanied by more of his beautiful artwork featuring Ally and Lisa and others familiar to the webcomic from which this collection comes.

Ally and Lisa needed to trust each other in order for their pleasures to be fully realized. Bind yourself to the story, these characters, and the amazing artwork and Šejić will take you to the brink of excitement and perhaps further if you’d like. Just don’t forget the “safe word”.


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