By Scott Lobdell & Tyler Kirkham

The Trial of Kid Flash continues to clunk along with Teen Titans #27. Scott Lobdell’s over-writing plagues this issue right from the first page and slows the whole issue down.

Why is it that 27 issues in Lobdell still feels the need to explain, in detail, who every member of the Teen Titans are every single issue. This issue, like many before it, is hampered with over-explaining of almost every scene.

On top of that, Lobdell has begun to write Kid Flash like he has gone completely insane. Are the readers supposed to believe that Bart, or Bar, acted completely different and was a different person while on the Teen Titans and that only now that he is back in his own time is he insane? His characterization feels very off this issue.

The art by Tyler Kirkham is good but due to the over-explaining in the issue he isn’t able to do much. Some of the layouts can be hard to follow at times because of all the speech bubbles on the page but the art is far and away the strongest part of this issue.

Teen Titans #27 is an overwritten issue where not a lot happens. The one big event that does happen in the issue could have been reached in about half the time. Kirkham’s art is the one bright spot in this issue, but it can only do so much.


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