By Scott Lobdell, Tyler Kirkham & Scott Kolins

Teen Titans #30 marks the final issue in the series for a few months outside of an annual next week. I’d like to tell you that the series pulled itself together in this issue but it’s still plagued by the same problems that have persisted throughout the series’ life.

The Titans have just returned from the future and dealing with the trial of Kid Flash. This issue throws you right into the middle of a fight between the Titans and The Light and The Way. The issue spends most of its time in a fight with these characters before ending abruptly and seemingly without notice.

Scott Lobdell writes this issue the same way he has written almost all of his issues during his Teen Titans run. Each issue has an over-abundance of explaining past events while also having an annoying tendency to over-describe what the art is clearly showing on the page.

Tyler Kirkham’s art looks good in the issue but can get a bit confusing on certain pages. The eye doesn’t flow as well on these pages. Although not Kirkham’s fault, the overwritten and over-descriptive dialogue muddies the art even more and makes it less enjoyable.

Teen Titans has some great characters and even had some solid moments in its 30 issue run but overall this issue and the series as a whole is below average in most aspects. If you love these characters this probably isn’t the place to get your fix of them.


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