Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #37


By Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Cory Smith & Ronda Pattison

Turtle-mania is hitting a high this month as the latest live-action film of the franchise hits theaters. Honestly though, in terms of story, my money is on IDW’s issue this month. The two biggest antagonists of the turtles have a meeting that readers and fans alike have no doubt been eagerly awaiting. Picking up right where #36 left off, Shredder and General Krang unite in international waters to discuss an alliance…

Issue #37 proves once again how the creative team on this main run is able to keep the story fresh and thrilling. Half of the issue is just Oroku Saki and the General plotting, but Tom Waltz is able to keep the dialog sharp and riveting. Also, Cory Smith’s dynamic visual interpretation of the events only serves to make the material more captivating. He is able to not only make Krang and Shredder sitting together dramatic, but change up the setting with depictions of the events the two discuss to maintain the audience’s focus.

Ronda Pattison, as usual, nails the palette necessary to convey the full impact that this event signifies in the storyline. One full-page shot where the conversation between the villains reaches its climax perfectly exemplifies the intensity of not only their words, but actions as well.

Although I have focused on the dialogue-heavy portion of the comic, there is plenty of fantastic action. Seeing the big two face-off in combat is 100% fan service! If that wasn’t enough, Koya and a new mutant, Bludgeon, appear to join the fray. Cory Smith’s design for this character has instantly become a personal favorite…think the Street Sharks.

If the decision is to spend money on a matinee for Jonathan Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or this comic – you best be laying that cash on the counter of your local comic shop! It’s an enthralling read that is worth every penny.