Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time #1


By Paul Allor, Ross Campbell & Bill Crabtree

When this title was announced some time ago, I flipped out! IDW, who has done a fantastic job with the property, was doing a mini-series that shares its name with the extremely fun arcade and home console video game! Sadly, the comic has no relation, but it is still a romp to see the turtles traverse time in the sequential art form!

The cover does not bury the lead; the reptilian brothers are transported to the prehistoric period. The recap informs the reader that this story takes place a little later than where the main storyline is currently (TMNT Annual 2014 will apparently help clarify some things). A new character, Renet, appears to have used a scepter that many fans will be familiar with to time travel and causes the turtles to be stuck in this epoch. They not only encounter dinosaurs, but a familiar race of aliens as well…

The audience will be immediately caught off guard by the colors of the comic. Bill Crabtree uses a very bright color palette, a stark contrast from Ronda Pattison’s work with Ross Campbell on the Northampton arc. Initially, it may feel like it’s not doing Campbell’s work justice, but one can become accustomed to it. Ross still knows how to please fans with his work! He appears to make an homage to the T-Rex chase in The Lost World: Jurassic Park when the turtles become cornered in a little cave. Perhaps his cutest contribution was a baby Protoceratops! She will melt anyone’s heart. Although, there is an awesome panel with her and Raphael preparing to fight.

Paul Allor infuses quite a bit of slapstick humor, which normally doesn’t go over well, but he will undoubtedly sneak a chuckle out. What is really surprising and arguably the best part of the comic is how he is able to tie this story in with events of the Utrom Empire storyline. The creative team on this franchise pay close attention to chronology and establish a fascinating mythology. It’s such a treat to see people who know what they’re doing and have a passion for these characters and their stories.

Fans need to pick up this title! This is a vibrant, fun book and there are only three more issues left. Short and sweet, it’s a win-win folks.