The Delinquents #1 was an utterly crazy, zany issue with fun characters and an insane premise. Will issue 2 be just as good or will it suffer from the sophomore slump?

The story

Issue #1 left us with Quantum and Woody with one half of the hobo’s treasure map (to aptly-name “ass map”) and Archer and Armstrong holding the other half, and with both teams heading in the same direction. The story, characters, and jokes are all so interconnected that it’s difficult describing what happens in this issue without giving away spoilers. The two teams do finally meet, and after a little bit of team on team action, the two duos finally come to an understanding and decide to work together.

screenshot-by-nimbus (5) I have loved Asmus’ work throughout his Quantum and Woody run and he just keeps kicking it up a notch with the Delinquents. This book is absolutely hilarious and so cinematic that I just can’t get enough. Many writers do well with one or two character books but start to struggle with an ensemble book, but Asmus continues to prove that he can do almost anything. Surely getting improved from Fred Van Lente on where to take Archer and Armstrong has helped, but I see a great career for Asmus beyond the outstanding comedic work he’s been doing at Valiant.

The art

I absolutely love Kano’s art and it is a perfect fit for this book. All artists have their strengths and weaknesses, but there seems to be nothing Kano cannot draw. Whether it be intricate action sequences, wide-shot panels, or facial closeups, nearly every panel in this book is absolutely flawless. Kano alone is reason to pick this book up.

screenshot-by-nimbus (6)


If you’re a fan of Quantum and Woody or just want to read something other than the standard superhero book, The Delinquents may be for you. Asmus and Kano are creating a fun story which is like nothing else on book shelves today.


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Issue information

Written by James Asmus and Fred Van Lente
Art by Kano
Covers by Paolo Rivera, Juan Doe, and Khari Evans
Price: $3.99
Release date: September 17, 2014

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