By Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

The All Out War storyline that has been playing out over the last six months in The Walking Dead has been a huge boon to the series. Writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard have been pulling out all the stops to make sure that each character has their time to shine in this story and that each of those moments will be ones to remember.

Kirkman has been knocking it out of the park with his character work in All Out War, but it is what he is doing with Negan that has made this storyline, and this particular issue, work so well. For as much of an asshole as Negan is, there is something about his character that I sympathize with. His talk with Rick in this issue definitely didn’t go how I expected and I loved every second of it. Kirkman has a knack for making the line between good and evil hazier and hazier.

Not only has Kirkman created a villain worthy of standing up to the likes of the Governor, but his continued work with established characters is nice to see. Maggie’s arc since her unfortunate loss has been really great to see. Having her put into a leadership position at the Hilltop was a great move for her character.

Adlard continues his impressive streak with issue #125. Adlard’s facial expressions can be hit or miss at times but this issue it was all hit. The final scene between Rick and Negan is great. You can see the confusion in Negan’s eyes just as powerfully as you can see the hope in Rick’s. It makes what happens next that much stronger.

The Walking Dead is obviously a strong book in the comic book market, both content and sales wise. It’s a book that deserves to be read, now more than ever because the creative team is doing some pretty great and shocking things with this series and it’s doubtful you’ll want to miss where it goes.


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