By Frank J. Barbiere & Toby Cypress

The penultimate installment in the White Suits miniseries is out this week and this issue was one wild and bloody thrill ride. Frank Barbiere has begun taking this story home and everything that has been building in this series finally explodes in issue #3.

One of the really interesting features of the White Suits #3 was the consistent swaps between the protagonists laying out their plan, and the actual execution of this plan. This gave a very cinematic feel to the book, while most of this installment was full of violent action as the Suits finally get a hint at what’s coming to them. This was a fairly straight-forward start to resolving the series, but exciting nonetheless. There’s a clear fracture in the plan at the end of the issue which hints at another big potential showdown next month. Again, the fractured, amnesiac sensibility of this book, particularly with the narration, really sets it apart from other titles and is very well-suited to the story.

The artwork by Toby Cypress also lends a very manic tone to the book. The illustrations and coloring are very erratic and gritty. Like some of Frank Miller’s later work, it looks like something that could’ve been put to the page in some sort of amphetamine-fuelled frenzy, and this is meant in the best possible way! The visuals in White Suits #3 are incredibly raw and occasionally jarring, but they fit the story perfectly. Really, there isn’t anything else that looks quite like this series.

The White Suits has been a bizarre thriller from the very beginning, but this latest installment was the most action-packed issue yet. The protagonists have finally moved against the Suits with some unlikely allies, but can they keep this ill-fated plan from going off the rails? Issue #3 really set things up nicely for the closing issue still to come, and it looks like things could go either way at this point!


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