By Paul Tobin, Joe Querio & Carlos Badilla

The light-hearted nature of the Witcher mini-series continues in issue #2, as Paul Tobin deftly combines equal doses of horror and humor. This book has been incredibly enjoyable, even for those of us unfamiliar with the source material, and this is even truer for Witcher #2.

This issue was much more laced with comedic elements than last month, as Geralt and Jakob continue their delightful interactions. The dynamic between these two characters was really enjoyable throughout this latest installment, and almost every bit of dialogue brought a chuckle. Nothing seems silly or over the top, but the humor is definitely very well-written and never feels out of place. Of course, there were also some darker elements in this book, but they seemed much fewer. However, readers get a better context for the overall plot at this point. Furthermore, the latest character addition provided another interesting new dynamic that was actually quite unexpected.

Again, the artwork is perfectly suited to the tone of the story. The horror elements and darker nature of the book really shine, while the overall visual style still really fits the more light-hearted scenes. Joe Querio’s illustrations are sharp and very clear, while the excellent shading helps to enhance the overall detail. There are some very dynamic and cinematic moments in this issue that were terrifically executed and really helped to bring these scenes to life. The colors by Carlos Badilla deepen the visuals even further by simultaneously emphasizing the shadows and darkness that crop up throughout the book, and also the brighter moments. Overall, the designs throughout this issue were excellent and everything looked vibrant and interesting.

This mini-series has been surprisingly enjoyable and Paul Tobin has done an excellent job of writing a story based on an already established franchise, while still making it accessible to newcomers. The book is fun and exciting, and the visuals are terrific. It will be really interesting to see where the plot goes next after the strange cliffhanger ending this month!


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