Every week I’ll be writing a review of a previous issue of a Valiant book to introduce new readers to the books and maybe get some of you rabid Valiant fans to go through your long boxes and reread older issues. Note that there will be spoilers for the issue reviewed, but no hints of future events or story lines to make the reviews as self-contained as possible. This week, I’ll be reviewing Archer and Armstrong #1, the start of what has become one of my favorite series.

The Story

The book starts off in ancient Mesopotamia as we witness an argument between Aram and Ivar Anni-Padda – the characters we know as Armstrong and the Timewalker – over the use of the Boon, a mysterious artifact they have recently brought back to the city of Ur. Ivar seeks to use it to return their brother, Gilad, to life. As Ivar activates the Boon. We fast forward to present day with Archer training at his parents compound and are introduced to his amazing fighting prowess as he takes on his brothers and sisters in training. This is Archer’s final test as he is sent out to look for Armstrong and kill him.

After a brief squabble at a bar, Archer and Armstrong are kidnapped by the 1%. There we learn that Archer’s parents are somehow related to the evil money worshiping cult, devastating Archer in the process.

Overall this was a great introduction to all the characters and provides some great insights into who they are and where they come from. Fred Van Lente does a great job in writing duties with this issue and providing just enough hints of what’s to come. Just who are the 1% and what are the Archers involvement with them!?

The Art

Clayton Henry’s art is top notch in this issue. His style is crisp and clean and extremely well complemented by the coloring work of Matt Milla. Henry’s art shines in the fight scenes, such as Archer’s training sequence and Archer and Armstrong’s jail break, but never fails to deliver in more mundane panels. His facial expressions are expressive and sharp, complimenting Van Lente’s storyline very well.


Archer and Armstrong very quickly became one of my favorite offerings from Valiant. The book is ending in October with issue 25, but I’m sure we’ll be getting more adventures from this duo. If you haven’t picked this book up yet, go get it. It’s a great issue, and a great series and you will not be disappointed.

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