Valiant #1 issues are free on Comixology this month so we conclude our Throwback Reviews of first issues, with the latest series to launch, Rai.

The Story

Rai launches the Valiant universe into the year 4001 with a murder mystery. Written by Matt Kindt, this first issue offers readers a look into a world very different from our own, and it provides pure escapist joy.

There is little I could say about the story in this issue without giving much away, but I will say that the setup is very intriguing. A murder has taken place, and we meet our hero, Rai, the murderous anti-establishment group The Raddies, Lula, a young girl who becomes involved in Rai’s investigation, Spylocke, a mysterious man with connections to the Japanese underground, and the mysterious Father, the apparently incorporeal ruler of Japan and Rai’s boss.

The world that Kindt has crafted is complex and stunning, so if you would like some background information, purchase the deluxe print edition for maps and more.

The Art

While Kindt’s story is intriguing, what makes this book truly stand out is Clayton Crain’s stellar artwork. Valiant explicitly wanted this book to be different from anything else on the shelves and it shows. Crain’s style is very detailed, fluid, and truly brings this world to life. His computer painted art is perfect for this surreal world that has layers of personality, intrigue, and texture.


Kindt and Crain weave a very interesting tapestry with this first issue that is only bound to get better as the mystery unravels. Recently, Valiant announced that the book would go on hiatus after issue 4 in August, but would return in December to allow Clayton Crain the time it takes to work on the book. We could not be happier.

Rai #1

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