by Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey & Jordie Bellaire

This week is the debut issue of Tooth & Claw, which was one of the titles hyped up earlier this year at the Image Expo. Taking place in a magical world inhabited by anthropomorphic people (think Conan meets Blacksad) a group of powerful magicians are gathered to perform a ritual in order to summon the “great champion” who can help save their world’s magic.

Kurt Busiek is one of the most well known and respected writers working in comics today. One whose creator-owned work is just as beloved as the stories he writes for Marvel or DC. When you hear about a new fantasy ongoing series from the man who brought us Astro City, one of the greatest creator-owned series to ever exist, you knew to expect quality storytelling. This first issue of Tooth & Claw was just that, an excellent entry into both this story and this world. This issue clocks in at 48 pages without ads and by the last page you will be ready to plunge further into Tooth & Claw.

Tooth & Claw is just one of those comics whose art is so astounding that you just have to take a moment to sit and appreciate it. Benjamin Dewey is the best artist to tackle this book. Every single page felt so rich and lush with life that made it easy for the reader to plunge themselves into the story. All of the character designs look unique and he flawlessly captures every animal they are based on. Then when you add vivacious colors by one of the hardest working colorists in the business, Jordie Bellaire, it makes Tooth & Claw burst off the pages. Artistically, this first issue is one of the best looking comics on the stands right now.

This first issue of Tooth & Claw was nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. This was a great intro into the Tooth & Claw universe and after all 48 pages there still feels like there is plenty more room for the story. This is aimed to be one of the next big ongoing series from Image that people should start jumping on now. When you look at what Busiek has done with Astro City, you can only wonder what he has in store for Tooth & Claw.


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