By Joshua Hale Fialkov, Mario Guevarra, Tom Grummett, Rachelle Rosenberg

he first issue of FF acted as a viable jumping on point for readers interested in more stories from the Ultimate universe while presenting a varied new line up for the Fantastic Four (FF). Issue one was a very strong introduction to this new team and issue two maintains that appeal with more action, humor and old friends (or enemies for some).The team of Sue Storm, Iron Man, Falcon and Doom find their selves right into their next assignment investigating an underwater paradise for the rich where 135 people have mysteriously vanished. After the introduction of another A-list character and a brief altercation the team find themselves stuck in the underwater facility.

Fialkov wastes no time moving the story a long in issue two with the team already on their next mission and facing a new threat after the reveal of Doom joining the team at the end of issue one. Fialkov uses the dialogue between the team as a way to catch readers up and moving the plot a long. This tactic is used well by Fialkov who does not slow down the pace of the story with boring exposition due to the fact that is happening fairly naturally between the characters.

On the surface this may be an odd selection for a team but Fialkov plays each character personality off each other well providing for some well timed humor. Even secondary characters like Coulson and others work well together. The characters are close enough to their 616 counter parts where a new reader should feel comfortable and where they are not similar Fialkov makes an effort to explain the difference.

One of the most impressive elements of issue one and now continued in issue two is the art. Mark Guevara’s style feels classic in its look and presentation. There are a lot of strong jaws, square faces, thin line shading and action poses which separates itself from a lot of Marvel’s more modern art currently. Rosenberg’s flat color’s look great and provide a nice contrast.

The first issue was vehicle for character and motive introductions while issue two is probably a more realistic presentation of what readers can expect from future issues. This is a team of interesting characters in the Ultimate universe tackling very distinct and isolated problems with humor and great looking art. For an Ultimate universe, outside of Miles Morales, that has yet to really find a strong monthly series, FF could be it.


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