By Rick Remender and Daniel Acuña

Part four of the biggest Marvel event that is technically not an event, Avenge the Earth, continues in Uncanny Avengers #20. The scale and scope of Remender’s Uncanny Avengers feels much bigger than your average series.

Issue 20 wraps up the immediate threat to the heroes and shepherds them into the perceived climax of this arc. There are several great fights in the issue as the team is divided and working their way through these other world counterparts. Remender is someone who at this point understands the personality of these characters and it is apparent in the dialogue. There are a few good character moments contained in issue 20 for individuals on the team. These are nice subtle moments worked into the larger conflict.

For fans of Remender’s memorable Uncanny X-Force run there is a clear connection between that and Uncanny Avengers. Issue 20 witnesses two separate conflicts that have their origins in X-Force. These scenes are written in a way that if a reader is not familiar with the back story then it does not take away from the events at hand but adds a bit of richness to those familiar with X-Force.

Acuña is given a lot to work within issue twenty and he takes advantage of it. There is a lot of action, characters, and a melted Wolverine that all look fantastic. The fights and action are well choreographed and easy to follow, which with this large cast of characters is important. Acuña matches the tone of the story well with his darker colors and almost painted portrait looking style. At this point no one else in the Marvel artist house would be as good as a fit as Remender and Acuña are.

With Original Sin in full swing it’s interesting to see another story worthy of an event in progress and not getting the love it deserves. Avenge the Earth is an arc that has the weight and feel of a classic Avenger’s story. Remender continues to bring pieces together from all 20 issues and even his X-Force run. Issue 20 moves the story along at a brisk pace and prepares you for what should be an exciting next issue.


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