By Matt Kindt, Stephen Segovia and Matt Milla

One powerful issue after another this week from Valiant. After one hell of an issue of Armor Hunters, the Unity tie-in steps up and dishes out one of its best since AH began. This creative team really seems to be clicking and every effort seems to be better than the last. Hopefully Segovia sticks around after this event concludes next month.

For almost ten pages, writer Matt Kindt looks at the origin of Gin-Gr. You know… that giant robot/spaceship that turned Mexico City into a crater? Yeah, that one. Anyway, essentially having no dialogue for these ten pages Kindt shows us a sad and lonely existence of arguably the most destructive member of the Armor Hunters. It’s a great look at an interesting character we really haven’t had a chance to learn about yet and there’s some potential foreshadowing for the conclusion of the event based on the connection that Livewire had with her. (Yes, Gin-Gr is apparently a “her”. We also learned that this issue.)

As mentioned earlier, this entire team has really been improving with each issue, but with this one Segovia really shines. The last Unity issue, while not terrible by any means, was not Segovia’s best. He completely erases any problems from the last issue and delivers his best work yet. From the fantastic, and maybe a little weird, robot sex (with some Kirby Crackle!) to the emotions of Livewire to most great Ninjak/Gilad action Segovia delivers. Speaking of delivering the goods, colorist Matt Milla knocks this one out of the park as well. Great effects and color choices for those speechless pages really make them pop and really add to the weight of what Kindt is trying to get across. Just a stellar showcase of artistic talent from these two great creators.

While Armor Hunters proper and even the Bloodshot tie-in stand tallest so far in this event, Unity is certainly giving them a run for their money. Kindt really, truly, never fails to impress and both Segovia and Milla more than deliver on this issue. If you didn’t already get it before in any of the other reviews done for the Armor Hunters event, you really, really need to be reading this. Comic book master classes almost every week, folks. Valiant more than deserves your attention and money. Check. This. Out!


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