By Matt Kindt, Cafu and Brian Reber

Unity #13 is an interesting follow-up to the start of Faith, from Harbinger, joining the Unity Squad. It reads almost like a first issue, and like its predecessor it should be a good jumping on point for anybody interested in getting into the Valiant Universe.

Matt Kindt focuses the first half of the book introducing us to and giving us background on the opposing set of villains, known as the United, and he manages to pull it off without it being too mundane or ‘same old, same old’ like a lot of other character introductions. In fact, you don’t even really realize that half the book is gone until you get to the end and it seems like a really short issue. Which might be the only complaint, if you can call it that; Unity just seems to fly by too quickly. With maybe ten pages to go after we get the low-down on the villains, if you blink you’ll miss the ending. But, Kindt still does it in such a way that, yes, the next issue is going to be one you’re not going to want to miss and it’s one that’s going to be hard to wait for.

Cafu and colorist Brian Reber continue to put out a great looking book with no major flaws or blemishes to be had. For a book that one might consider a little low on action, especially considering it’s a Valiant book, everything looks as it should and is interesting enough that even in the sit-down meetings and gatherings it’s not a chore to read or look at. Characters are all consistent and look great, particular props to the look of The Myth and his blurred face, and colors are as epic as ever with Reber putting out his usual top-notch work. The splash panel with Faith stealthily bringing the rest of her team to their destination with the sun in the background undoubtedly stands out as one of the best this issue because of Reber’s, and of course Cafu’s, work.

Unity blazes by and aside from a look at the villains, there really isn’t a lot of time spent on the story. However, this creative team continues to put out a top-notch book and they’ve certainly left it at a helluva cliffhanger for next month. As ever, Valiant has another great series here that you ought to be reading and now might be as good of a time as any to jump on.



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