Unity has been of my favorite titles since the first issue, and while Aric and his X-O suit are understandably absent from the issue – it is Shanhara the Armor Hunters want after all – we get an exciting story tossing Valiant’s super team into the midst of the big Armor Hunters event.

The story

Unity is always such a fun and quick read and issue 8 is no exception. Matt Kindt consistently delivers a page turner and he has done a fantastic job tossing the team in the middle of the Armor Hunters search for the X-O armor. Aric is missing from the issue, which makes sense as it would put the team in jeopardy to be around him and we know from the events of Armor Hunters #1 that he’s preoccupied elsewhere.

1403570170661screencapture The main focus of the issue is on Ninjak and Gilad and Kindt does a great job at showing the opposing dynamics of their personalities which provide some great scenes and a joke or two at Gilad’s expense. We also join Livewire in her search for Bloodshot, who will make a great addition to the team as an asset in the fight against the Armor Hunters.

Most importantly, Kindt has done a great job at referencing events in Armor Hunters #1 without the reader having to have read that book, something which Valiant has always done well, and which Kindt has had previous experience in the first Unity story arc.

The art

With a new arc we also get a new artist in Stephen Segovia, who has worked on titles such as Dark Wolverine and Superior Carnage for Marvel. The art is fantastic and remains consistent throughout the book, particularly in the character design. I look forward to seeing Segovia’s art in future issue and would like to see him appear in other books as well.

Final words

This is a solid issue for current fans of the series and a great jumping on point for new readers. With Bloodshot going on hiatus, fans of the character should definitely pick this up. I’m interested to see where Kindt will take him as he becomes a part of the team and how he will interact with the other characters. Overall, Unity continues to shine, and I look forward to an all out showdown against the Armor Hunters.


About The Author Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy.