By Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

Excrement certainly hits the fan in this issue of The Walking Dead. After just having consolidated Rick’s forces from Alexandria and Ezekial’s forces from the Kingdom at the Hilltop, they aren’t given much of a breather before Negan and company are knocking at their door.

I’ve been very pleased with All Out War since it began and this issue is no different. I love Robert Kirkman’s work with the new characters. I’ve grown especially fond of Dwight and this issue adds quite a few new layers to his character that will be interesting to see pan out in the final three issues of this storyline.

Charlie Adlard draws another good issue here. His work has been on point for most of this story arc, despite the fact that the book moved to twice a month. Adlard nails both the quieter moments early in the issue but really slams home the violence once the fighting breaks out about halfway through the book.

All Out War is one of the best Walking Dead stories in a long while; Kirkman and Adlard are both firing on all cylinders. Here’s hoping they keep it up for the final three issues of the story. I’m equal parts excited and terrified to see what they have planned.


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