Wayward #3


By Jim Zub, Steve Cummings, John Rauch & Tamra Bonvillain

The core team of protagonists seems to be coming together nicely in Wayward. While in the process of trying to discover more about their abilities, Shirai and Rori become drawn to a new supernatural threat. Through this trial, new allies are forged!

The artwork is still so captivating! The first page is a full-page shot of Rori that is rendered with the wonderful line artwork of Steve Cummings. The colors also continue to be a cornerstone of this title. With John Rauch, Jim Zub, and Tamra Bonvillain all contributing in this effort, the end result is absolutely stunning. There is not a single page in this issue that I wouldn’t want hanging within a frame on my wall. The highlighted or neon color scheme used for the spirits only help to draw the reader’s attention to the key details within the material as well.

The story continues along as expected, which is not a criticism by any means. Fans of the genre or even anime series like Yu Yu Hakusho, know that a team must be assembled before the real threat comes into view. With this in mind, readers can only drool with anticipation as to what this creative team has in store for the plot. Key moments are dropped within the book to show that the scope is going to be huge. Needless to say, minds will be blown.

Why can’t this be a weekly comic!? Image is tapping into a corner of geek culture that oddly enough hasn’t been explored enough. As of the current three issues released at the moment, Wayward seems to nicely fill that void. Count me in for issue four and onward!