Wytches #3


By Scott Snyder, Jock & Matt Hollingsworth

Wytches continues to explore the horror surrounding the Rooks family. Mr. Rooks, along with his wife, search for the missing Sailor while still reeling from the previous incident where he was attacked. Things are clearly spiraling out of control in Litchfield, NH and Mr. Rooks intends to do everything in his power to protect his family…

There wasn’t a lot of plot progression in this issue. Scott Snyder explores the Rooks family dynamic a little bit with flashbacks that tie in with the current events thematically. It’s fascinating to see how he explores what being a parent is and the fears and emotional baggage attached to that. It was a bit of a letdown that we’re still left in the dark about some the terrifying craziness from issue two, but that only serves to feed the demand for the reveals. Snyder’s character examinations, especially with Mr. Rooks, in this book will no doubt pay off in the climax or conclusion.

Jock and Matt Hollingsworth continue their uniquely unnerving art collaboration. As engrossing as the imagery is, there were some panels that were difficult to make out. I was literally holding the page a couple of inches from my face and couldn’t make out some of the details. Perhaps this was intentional to literally draw the reader in, but it did become a bit tedious. With that being said, these two serve Scott’s story so well and the visual experimenting they do with the material only elevates it.

Some may see this issue as being a little slow or off it’s game, but I challenge readers to try to look at the bigger picture. Viewing this issue as a part of a whole, provides it with perspective. The time the creative team is spending developing the atmosphere and characters will ultimately serve what its viewership is craving…pure horror.