By Philippe Druillet

“The voyage took centuries, years, or perhaps only seconds. This is time no longer on a human scale. Sloane touched an object forged by the Gods and thus became, in part, a God himself. His eyes, already shining with a spark of madness, now see the universe passing him by in tails of reddening comets.”

Creator Philippe Druillet has created an epic story filled with a gripping narrative and electrifying artwork with The 6 Voyage of Lone Sloane. The panels alone should be enough to convince anyone this book is worth picking up, as Druillet packs each page with intense details and even some psychedelic flare.


The story centers around Sloane, a man given extraordinary power, but at a cost. His life is turned around as he explores the cosmos, some wanting to use his new abilities for their own personal gains. Throughout the story you’re sent on each of his adventures, each quite different from the last – pirates, to robots, to space poachers, and beyond.

The grand world that this story encompasses creates drama and situations you can’t find anywhere else. Such as, “Zzz!! Glad to hear it! Meet my champion, Sloane, he can access all dimensions save one, it’s up to you to find which!! And don’t forget, dear friend, if he catches you, he will own your soul! Let the game begin!!” – a game of tag through multiple dimensions?! Druillet constantly pushes the boundaries while creating surreal situations you come to believe can actually exist.


The artwork is where this story goes over the top. Druillet puts an incredible amount of detail into his work, from the pencils to the colors he’s constantly being creative and wildly imaginative with his images (the one below showcasing the psychedelic flare as mentioned). The colors to each panel are often all over the place, giving each new setting Sloane visits their own distinct feel.


Between each voyage there are always a couple of pages of empty space. Not blank space, but outer space, as Druillet uses this time to show how far out of our own realm of thinking we really are with this story. As the above quote says, “This is no longer time on a human scale.”

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane is a crazy ride through space filled with eccentric characters and vivid artwork. Read it, stare at it, do whatever you want with it, just make sure you go out and grab a copy of it!


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