by Meredith Gran and Carey Pietsch

Adventure Time is always a win, but if there’s anything that could possibly make it better, it’s more Marceline. So of course the first issue of her own story is definitely something to look forward to. And it does not disappoint (as if an Adventure Time book ever could).

The best part of reading any Adventure Time book is when the writer seems to capture the characters’ voices perfectly. Read the books and watch the cartoon, and you’ll see, this issue is no exception—they’re all in your head. Since this is just the first of a six-issue run, this is more of a set-up issue than anything. It’s a lot of things just beginning, which ultimately leaves the reader hanging at the end. There’s a bit to be desired in the writing department as well; some dialog, but also a lot of screaming and such. Let’s not forget, of course, that this really is aimed towards kids but, adults, you go right ahead and read it, because it’s fun for everyone!

The book is nice and bright and colorful, as anything would be in the Land of Ooo. The art is ideal; it’s simple when it needs to be and crazy insane when it needs to be. There are variations in the speech bubbles, depending on how angry Marceline is, or how… “pink” Princess Bubblegum is. Lots of bright colors, big sound effects, and everything you could possible want. Again, it’s going to appeal to the grown-ups and their kids. The story art itself, though, doesn’t hold a candle to the different covers that go along with this issue! There are covers by Reimena Yee, Carey Pietsch, Mychal Amann and Jaime Cortes, Joe Quinones and Whitney Cogar, Britt Wilson, and Jensine Eckwall. It’s BOOM’s ten-year anniversary this year, so there’s even a variant cover for that.

As with all Adventure Time books, Marceline Gone Adrift is something you must read. If anything, it’s a fun filler book between, perhaps, more serious reads and it’s a definite must-read if you’re into the cartoon. Just remember: anything is possible in the post-apocalyptic world of the Land of Ooo. So, since this issue ends with a cliff-hanger, who knows what could possibly happen next!


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  • Is it a stand-alone series or is it in canon with the main adventure time books. I’m on Adventure Time Vol. 3. Will it eventually get there, or can I go ahead and read it?

    • Thanks for the comment Alex. This is one of the mini-series from BOOM! that is still canon but you can read it separately from the rest of the Adventure Time series. I don’t believe reading Adventure Time proper is even required to read this, or any of the other mini-series they’ve done.

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