By Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Justin Ponsor

The Spider-verse officially gets wrapped up in the epilogue this month with Amazing Spider-Man #15. Some spiders get happy endings, while others are unable to go home at all. Most things get taken care of and some seeds are planted for the future.

This was a pretty fun event. Any time alternate versions of characters are involved there is usually fun to be had. Dan Slott gives us some nice endings this issue. May’s was particularly sweet, even if it wasn’t one hundred percent happy. Slott also makes use of continuity for several of his spiders, which is always a nice touch. One thing that can really get under a reader’s skin, is not acknowledging the past, but Slott makes reference to it several times. Overall the ending was satisfying on several levels, but there were a few predictable moments. Slott wrote a fun and impactful epilogue that should leave fans of the event happy.

The art duties this month were handled by Giuseppe Camuncoli with colors by Justin Ponsor. Camuncoli really does a nice job with this issue as we are given good pencils that remain consistent. The battle between the spiders in the issue was also handled well, as panels were easy to look at and had a good flow. Near the end of the issue Camuncoli gives us a sweet panel of Billy and Anya thinking about all of their amazing friends. This may seem like a regular run of the mill panel, but it is an example of the work and detail that Giuseppe puts into his craft. The colors by Justin Ponsor are great as always. There was an awful lot of color fades in this issue, but Ponsor handles it like the pro he is. Any book that is lucky to have Justin Ponsor doing the colors for it should be considered a big deal.

Amazing Spider-Man has been decent under Slott’s pen, but as a whole this was a fun event. Slott showed that he can do some wonderful things with many characters and has the chops to write them well. The art team knocked it out of the park this issue and really captured the mood of the various endings. Happy and sad collided here, and Camuncoli and Ponsor captured it perfectly.

Amazing Spider-Man #15
Amazing Spider-Man #15

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