By Ryan Cady, Phillip Sevy, Jeremy Colwell

“We have the superior firepower. We have the tactical advantage. This won’t be a battle… it’ll be a massacre.” 

It’s man vs. machine/man in the one-shot issue of Athena IX as a glimpse into the future shows we might not have the best grasp on things… what with the uprising and all.

Writer Ryan Cady creates a world where man and machine are one in the same as genetic modifications were made in order to survive the extinction of 2102 (Phew, still got a few years left. Will have to write a letter to the grandkids letting them know though). The future seems like a place filled with order and strict rules – the guards of the ruler are presented without emotion, something she might want to think about if she wants to keep her comfy chair…

Cady goes on to explain the delusions of the main character of this story with the line, “Tell me — how could you improve on my design? I have studied every civilization in recorded history. I do not brag when I claim that mine is the most efficient.” With this she seems quite confident of herself, but as the story goes on we see that she might not have the best hold on things – though telling her that would probably not be in your best interest. “Well? Speak up. I’m all ears.” No… no thank you.

The artist on this issue is Philip Sevy, along with colorist Jeremy Colwell. The main character (Lady Athena) along with the main “villain” (Councilwoman Ariana) of the issue are both met with the same colors, a tan trench-coat like outfit, which connects them throughout their conflicts. The councilwoman has done Lady Athena wrong, and the punishment for that is being dismantled (I mentioned she was composed of robotic pieces right?). This scene right off the bat shows us Lady Athena being a harsh ruler (there isn’t just a time-out room you can use?). A great scene between the two from the beginning shows Lady Athena zapping the councilwoman, blue sparks flying in the air as Athena glares down at the councilwoman in the next panel… unfortunately Athena doesn’t seem to get the reaction she was hoping for as the councilwoman finds the whole ordeal…. funny? Uh oh.

Athena IX #1 shows us a glimpse into a much wider story as an all-out war is brewing in the future. Just make sure to update your iPhone next time it reminds you, it’s a good habit to get into for when it’s inevitably integrated into your genetic code.


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