By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, Joe Quinones, Kelsey Shannon

“Lemme grab my rubber bullets.”

It’s time to suit up in this week’s issue of Batman Eternal #40 as Red Robin alongside Batgirl and Red Hood get in a bit over their heads when they find out who’s been behind the nano-virus.

For the most part this issue centers around Red Robin and his assembled allies, but takes a turn to remind us what Spoiler has been up to – oh okay she’s fine, oh wait, nope…

This week’s issue is scripted by Kyle Higgins as he keeps us on our toes while on the rooftop with the assembled Bat-family (just the young members). He concentrates on a student/teacher relationship between Red Robin and Harper. A cool scene between the two has RR bringing up the fact that once you put on the suit there really is no turning back, and he seems adament about Harper staying out of the cowl. Will she be able to resist?

On the artwork side of this week’s issue is artist Joe Quinones along with colorist Kelsey Shannon. The artwork style is more simplistic that other issues, but in a positive way. The artwork looks almost like a throwback to the pulp comic days in regards to Quinones style, but it’s Shannon’s colors that bring this idea out even more. Keeping with a theme of bright oranges and deep purples a lot of the panels seem to piece together so well from page to page. In one of the aforementioned scenes, Spoiler comes in contact with someone she assumes is after the bounty on her head. In these panels the interactions between the two are fast paced and loaded with the orange/purple color scheme of the issue.

Another great scene in this issue comes via Red Robin and Batgirl as they leap from the rooftop in order to put a stop to the nano-virus – Batgirl looking especially determined. Their leap takes place on the top panel of the scene as five smaller panels make up what happens next, the last of which shows an eager-to-fight Red Hood as Red Robin leaves Jason Todd to do what he “does best”…which is “make a mess”.

This week featured another great story alongside fantastic artwork. This series has gone through so many shifts in the artwork style and it’s been great to see each style take on a life of its own. This issue doesn’t disappoint!


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