By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Javier Fernandez, Dan Brown

Batman! Back away from those men and put your hands in the air!”


I don’t know…it’s just like…lately he won’t even talk to me, you know? That’s probably how the GCPD feels sometimes when confronting Batman (I’m just guessing…) but this issue definitely points out that Gotham’s issues are at Batman-level right now – and the GCPD just isn’t going to cut it.

Ray Fawkes takes over on scripting duty this week as we’re reintroduced to some characters we haven’t seen much of recently (Batwing being one of them) as well as giving another badass scene featuring Bluebird – Batman’s attitude seems to be a quality she inherited when putting on the mask. Oh, and the ending of this issue – I won’t ruin it, I wouldn’t do that to you, but you’re in for a treat!

On the artwork side of this week’s issue is artist Javier Fernandez along with colorist Dan Brown. Something about the Bluebird/Spoiler scene stands out the most in this issue – especially the panel where Bluebird jumps out the window and is seen moments later falling backwards (wish I could do that….first I’ll need a new haircut). Bluebird’s attitude fits to this scene quite well as she places Spoiler in a time-out of sorts before going off to help the “good guys.” The panel featuring Bluebird falling backward has the blue/black colors of her costume contrasting well with the backdrop of the city behind her, her light blue looking like a beacon of hope compared to the dark blue sky that shrouds Gotham city.

This issue is equivalent to the feeling you get when you slice a ghost in half. You know the one I’m talking about? Batwing knows…oh, he knows.


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