By James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea, Tomeu Morey

“You’re following a drugged-up techno-futurist weapons designer that has nothing to do with what Spyral sent us here for.”

“I was being industrious. Charming, even.”

“And that’s why he’s driving a sic-fi motorcycle across the side of one of the tallest buildings in Midtown, trying to get away from you?”

“Yep. All charm.”

Just because Grayson isn’t wearing the Robin mask anymore doesn’t mean he’s lost his charm (though it couldn’t hurt).

It’s a new weekly! The void left in all our hearts from when Batman Eternal ended now has new hope as Batman and Robin Eternal #1 has finally arrived. The writers of this story, James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder, waste little time in shoving us right into the thick of things, introducing us to a dark backstory involving one of Dick Grayson’s first real adventures with Batman all those years ago. What has Batman been trying to hide from Grayson for all these years?

Tynion takes over the scripting duties from the story he and Snyder have concocted, as Dick Grayson gets some help from his fellow Robin counterparts. Bringing the vibe of this series back into Batman Eternal we also have Bluebird as a central character running about the streets of Gotham (Robo-Bats does’t approve of her intentions, however). Tynion successfully gives us a feeling of nostalgia as Grayson reflects back on his first adventure, one that seemingly comes back to haunt him when a “new” villain appears on the scene. But with the real Batman out of commission…who can Grayson rely on to help him crack this case?

The artwork in this issue is top-notch work. Penciller Tony Daniel is accompanied by inker Sandu Florea and colorist Tomeu Morey as we get scenes loaded to the brim with detail. A great panel coming from the opening scene features Grayson calling in one of the other former Robins as we see Red Hood burst into the action with guns blazing – his new look appearing even more awesome than it was before (leather jackets up your cool factor by 10 points). Todd’s entrance even comes with a good dick joke, er…Dick Grayson joke.

Something cool that Morey does when it comes to Red Robin’s entrance on the next page is covering the entire page in a red tint – the light coming from a massive neon sign. Each Robin even gets their own little bio alongside their entrance – Red Robin’s stating that he’s a bit of a show-off. He’d rather rely on his science than fists?!

Batman and Robin Eternal #1 is a trip back to the character loaded stories with the same endlessly suspenseful narratives that made Batman Eternal so great. Tynion and Snyder showcase their talents in the first issue to create a surprising story from Batman and Robin’s past. The artwork from beginning to end is met with great detail, with each character’s entrance being soaked in the colors of their costumes (Bluebird’s entrance has her face to face with the big blue Robo-Bat, the building she’s near is blue/grey). If this issue is any indication of what’s to come… then we’re in for a serious ride.


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