By Scott Synder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos, Rain Beredo

“Kiss me, Sexy Batman.”

You just don’t get comic lines like this every day, people. Every week maybe, but not every day.

Tim Seeley takes over on scripting this week, and delivers another great issue of Batman and Robin Eternal. In the previous weekly series, Batman Eternal, Seeley’s stints on scripting were always highlights for the series, and this issue #2 keeps in stride. Other than the line mentioned above, there is this gem, “Agent 37! Report! Tell me you’re alive, or I’ll hunt your spirit down and punch your ghost in the throat.” To create a story where a line like that makes sense…that’s what writing comics is all about. Good job…good job indeed.

Seeley is writing from the story by both Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. These two have once again decided that Batman and the many other protectors of Gotham haven’t been through enough yet – but this time Batman is Gordon in a big blue robot suit.

The common underlying storyline continuing from last issue features flashbacks for Batman’s first Robin companion Dick Grayson, as he continues to find reasons to look back on the first time he and Batman faced off against the Scarecrow. It’s this flashback that leads into some of the best artwork done by penciller Paul Pelletier, inker Tony Kordos, and colorist Rain Beredo. The moment Grayson is looking back on features him and Batman being hit by Scarecrow’s fear gas. The resulting effects send Robin/Grayson into a psychedelic state of mind, as he sees before him distorted versions of some of Gotham’s biggest villains. Kordos pours inks into the crazy versions of Joker, Catwoman, Batman, Penguin, all done by Pelletier as Beredo covers the backgrounds in swirling colors. These are the kinds of panels you just stare at, man, and like, think about why everyone is always like, judging you, like…why doesnt Batman let Robin wear black too? You ever wonder about that? Like…Robin isn’t dressed for stealth in the darkness at all, man.

Throughout the issue Seeley continues to infuse a constant stream of humor into the story, creating an issue filled with action that keeps you laughing (something he also did well during Batman Eternal). The artwork is once again fantastic this issue, with the fear gas induced scene bringing out some groovy artwork (going to work on making that word relevant again). Loaded with action, laughs, and great artwork this is the grooviest comic out this week. Now someone tell Grayson that if he wants to stick around Gotham he’d better put a mask on.



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