By Vernon Whitlock III, Mathew Scott Krentz, Marat Mychaels, Dietrich Smith, Don Ho, Doug Zolondek, Doug Sirois

“We gotta move fast! Take off your belt.”

“Oh, hell no! I don’t play that Spider-man shit.”

Two guys walk into a room, everyone around them stares….and cue the music! “Everybody was kung-fu fighting” – no for real, that’s how it starts! Right from the get-go of issue #5 of Blaze Brothers we’re immersed in the series hyper action, so for those looking for their action fix THIS IS THE COMIC YOU NEED!

Writers Vernon Whitlock III and Mathew Scott Krentz set out to once again pit the brothers, Jack and Billy, against immeasurable odds, while soaking their dialogue with sarcasm and plenty of humor, “Do you think they want to have a staring contest?”. The brothers in this issue are in the pursuit of the ever evading briefcase, but in order to retrieve it they’ll need to pass a few tests…

The artwork in this issue pulls in and out of detailing, but sticks with a solid feel to each page. Pencillers Marat Mychaels and Dietrich Smith split duties as they depict the plentiful actions sequences throughout this issue. Inking is done by Don Ho along and Doug Zolondek, with colors by Doug Sirois. A great page by all comes from the very beginning, you know, when “Everybody was kung-fu fighting” – the scene kicks off with the brothers facing those odds I mentioned earlier, a panel showing them surrounded, but luckily they’re surrounded by men holding weapons for them to take! The larger panel showcases the “Fwoosh” of the blades as the brothers dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. The colors of the panel by Sirois covered in a purple hue, while under this panel four smaller segments are splattered in red (fruit punch?).

Blaze Brothers continues to be a violent feast from each issue to the next. Two brothers in over their heads approach their circumstances with a calming attitude, ready to take on whatever comes their way.


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