By Mark Landry, Ashley Witter

“I didn’t reach them in time, Trey. I failed. But I promised mom I would take care of you. I won’t let her down again.”

The events of Katrina in New Orleans come back to haunt one of the workers that helped save so many people. He promised his mother he would protect his brother and keep him safe… but is that easier said than done? What’s really going on within the aftermath of the storm? Even ten years later Virgil remembers a horrific scene witnessed underwater… what’s going on… and where are people disappearing to?

Writer Mark Landry brings a tragic event from the past and puts a supernatural spin on it. With the disappearances of so many people, and the strange event witnessed by Virgil all those years ago, it’s clear something strange is going on. We get a quick glimpse into the dark underworld of these horrific acts… as another person Virgil wishes he could save goes missing.

The story kicks off during the events of 2005, but then transitions to 2015 where the impacts are still being seen on those that lost loved ones. Virgil’s promise to keep his brother Trey safe has kept him close to where it all happened… but when he decides it’s time to leave things get a big more difficult for him, and it becomes clear something suspicious is going on (title is a clue to this…).

The artist on this series is Ashley Witter as she gives a realistic feel to her characters as well as the surrounding city. Characters are often met with great detail, even down to the wrinkles in their clothes (images giving a kind of watercolor vibe). A great contrast of scenery and color comes when we get a glimpse into the mysterious underworld this city holds. The page right before shows Virgil at a hospital, pale colors of the white and blue setting. But when he receives a mysterious call we find ourselves on the next page in a world of pink and deep purple colors, showcasing a world much different from the one we’ve seen throughout the story so far… a world that becomes a threat to Virgil.

Bloodthirsty quickly becomes a tale of high stakes and bloodlust. Virgil is trying to leave his past behind him and move on with his life, find peace, but there are those that aren’t done with him just yet.


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