by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, James Harren and Dave Stewart

B.P.R.D. has been nothing short of fantastic for a long time now—arguably since its inception, but that’s a much larger argument for a later time—and it feels like there’s no end in sight for their long standing, month-after-month run of great releases. For what it’s worth, and so we can get it out of the way, you’re an idiot if you’re not reading BPRD because its pure comic genius that hits all the right notes.

There’s nothing like getting a double dose of James Harren and Dave Stewart in one day (the other is Rumble, highly recommend it), but to have it happen two months in a row is magical. Harren and Stewart combine to create some of the fastest, most powerful, most alive art on the shelves. Even in some of the quieter moments, like with Agent Howard, you can feel the power in the character resonating off the page, and he’s not really doing or saying anything. Aside from the obvious movement and stellar fight scenes, Harren’s characters are just top notch. Frankly, they’ve really become the look for these BPRD Agents, even though a lot of great artists have done fantastic jobs before and certainly will after. His style just fits this world so well, it’d be interesting to see him do a special Abe Sapien issue, just to get his take on that character and that side of the Mignolaverse.

BPRDHE #127e.pdf - Adobe ReaderThe great Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, of course, have a story here worth of being one of the best in the long, long run of this title. But, frankly, any time they include Agent Howard you’re likely in for a fantastic story. This character they’ve created, though a man of few words, is so deep and has so much going on with him that surely Mignola and Arcudi have barely scratched the surface. The flashbacks are always great too, because not only do we learn more about Dennar and how he learned to lead but always, always, there’s some wicked fight scene where we get to see that awesome sword in action. This, of course, is no exception and, man, what a scene!

Look, you’re not an idiot per se if you aren’t reading BPRD, but you’ve certainly got some ‘splaining to do. This is by far one of the top books each and every month, and it just feels like there’s far too many people side stepping it for one reason or another. Too high of a number, maybe? Two paperback omnibus editions are out, Volume 1 and Volume 2, and they’re not only amazing, they’re cheap too. So, throw that out the window and what other excuse could you possibly have? Haven’t read Hellboy or the other tie-in series? Well, you can always get caught up on those later (particularly Hellboy, of course. What the hell are you thinking?!). Really and truly, you have no excuse not to read BPRD unless, of course, you really are an idiot.


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