By Andrez Bergen

“Should you be smoking?”

Um. Let me see. I got shot 5 times and I’m a fictional character in a dumb video game. That makes me pretty much goddamned invulnerable.”

That response is from Mitzi, she’s had a bit of a rough time…

Issue #11 of Bullet Gal brings more humor into the mix than some of the previous issues. With the story ending at #12 there isn’t much time left, but this issue does a lot to flesh out the story so far — including a paragraph of recap before the story. Mitzi and Lee have their work cut out for them! Will it be enough?

Writer/artist Andrez Bergen has been having a lot of fun with this series as well as with the artistic style of it all. A lot of the scenes from this issue take place in the hospital room as Mitzi composes herself after her injuries… but the banter between the two characters provides a lot of laughs throughout the story while still keeping you up to date on everything happening.

A great page shows Mitzi and Lee staring down one another with humorous banter going on between them in the middle of the page. Bergen does a good job of fleshing out the personalities of these characters in a way that shows off their sarcasm towards one another. Another great line from Mitzi comes later in the issue when she says “So… I don’t get to shoot anyone this issue?” and Lee just responds “No” … she gets a little disappointed.

Bullet Gal has been a great story, but it’s not over yet! So check out this issue and prepare yourself for #12!


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