By Matt Kyme and Gat Melvyn

“Don’t worry about the rules! This is our chance to show what we can do on our own! Just keep your head down, ok? Things are pretty wild where we’re headed.”

That BulletProof Kid offers a spin on the regular superhero story where each issue serves to dig up more mysteries surrounding it’s title character. Writer Matt Kyme uses issue three to shed light on more of the sinister background TBPK has in relation to where he got his powers. It’s causing some of the other heroes to question his allegiance. But can we trust him? In this issue we get a glimpse into the past – TBPK’s past that is, and we’re shown just how much he knows about the Spectrum – and wait, is that a Dragonball? Oh… wrong story.

TBPK 3_sample 22As the superhero world is presenting its own problems a lot of these stories also take root in a school setting, adding for some typical teenage problems with a maturity to the characters perhaps a bit beyond their years.

On the artwork side of this issue is Matt Kyme also taking up pencils/inks along with colors by Gat Melvyn. These two are able to create some colorful and well detailed scenes. One of the highlights from this issue, in regards to the artwork, comes from a scene mentioned above (and no it wasn’t a dragon ball…) – in the scene a young TBPK cries over a fallen friend (you’ll have to read to find out who!), what makes this scene so great is the overbearing blue placed over the page, the scene taking place in the rain outside, and yet lighting from various sources is able to come in and give the characters illuminated definition. A middle panel showcases the young would-be hero, his face brightly lit, looking over his fallen friend, half his face in the light, the other half in darkness – this might also allude to some of the worries other heroes have about this friend – was he light/good or dark/bad in his actions?

Issue #3 of That BulletProof Kid dives a bit more into the history surrounding TBPK’s powers, but makes sure to also give some lighthearted fun along the way.


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