by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack

This issue of Sabrina, luckily, did not require a long wait after the second issue, like there was after issue one. It’s nice to not have to wait forever for another issue of a really good series, of course. This one’s still new, but on the heels of Afterlife with Archie it’s really finding its way into the hearts of anyone who loves a dark twist to the books they read.

This is kind of one of those slower, in-between, leading-up-to-a-bigger-story issues, but that’s okay – we can’t have suspense all the time, right? Still a necessary read, of course. The story from the second issue continues here, and you really get the sense that something big is going to happen soon. It’s still a good issue, though, of course – how could it not be? The writer hasn’t done us wrong yet (here or in Afterlife). Definitely a good read for anyone who’s into darker things. It’s nice, too, that this series shares a writer with Afterlife with Archie – it really helps to tie the two series together, even though Sabrina is its own entity now. It helps to give both a similar dark feeling, and Sabrina is just as good for anyone who’s into darker things. This issue, overall, is a cool peek into some of Sabrina’s history, and some cool witchy rituals. Plus, of course, you’ve got to love being left hanging for the next one!

Simplistic backgrounds, a variation of faces, and the basic color palette of this book really bring it together. The backgrounds of each panel usually seems to be smears of color, simple trees, and things like that, but it really helps to bring out what’s actually happening in each one. There’s nothing busy going on here, but you really get a sense of location (trees in the forest, blood-red skies, and things like that). Everything seems so simple, but it’s done so well that it really makes an impression. It adds excellent feeling to this issue

Again, this seems to be more of a “filler” issue, but it’s definitely still worth the read.


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