This week we travel back to 1993 and take a look at BLOODSHOT issues #6 and #7; the EARLIEST appearances of British Playboy COLIN KING, the man we know today as VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT’s NINJAK.

Last week, VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT released the highly-anticipated NINJAK #1, written by Matt Kindt, the interior artwork illustrated by Butch Guice, and multiple variant covers by almost every artist on the Valiant pay-roll. The release of NINJAK #1 has been one of the highest selling issues (if not THE highest selling issue) that VALIANT has released since its 2012 re-launch. The critics have spoken and the reviews are positive with mostly scores of 4.5 to 5 out of a possible 5 Stars.

The jury is out. The verdict is in. FANS and COLLECTORS love NINJAK!

The success of NINJAK is nothing new. This character has appeared in multiple on-going and mini-series over the past 22 years, has had two volumes covering both the original VALIANT and the ACCLAIM years, and appeared early in X-O MANOWAR #5 after the 2012 re-launch. NINJAK #1 was cited as the BEST-SELLING comic book of 1993 by the three leading distributors at the time (Diamond, Capital City, and Heroes World). It debuted at number one on WIZARD MAGAZINE’s “TOP TEN HOTTEST COMICS” of the month in its February of 1994 edition, and was the FIRST VALIANT comic EVER to hit number one in sales.

NinjakBut NINJAK #1 was NOT the FIRST APPEARANCE of the character. For that honor, we have to look as far as 1993’s BLOODSHOT #6, which was constantly listed as one of the TOP TEN Hottest Books month after month by WIZARD magazine back in the day for demand and future collectibility.


In a strange way speculators of the 1990’s WERE RIGHT! They misjudged the length of time that it would take to make money on these books (LOL!). But make NO mistake, BLOODSHOT #6 is not as abundant as it once was and finding a NM copy or CGC/CBCS 9.8 remains a daunting task (not unlike ETERNAL WARRIOR #4 featuring the FIRST APPEARANCE of BLOODSHOT; or X-O MANOWAR #4 featuring the FIRST APPEARANCE of SHADOWMAN). Prices are going up for these books and they are HOT items right now.

Additionally, while BLOODSHOT #6 was the FIRST APPEARANCE of NINJAK (aka COLIN KING), the very next issue (BLOODSHOT #7) featured the FIRST APPEARANCE of NINJAK in FULL COSTUME.

BLOODSHOT #6 and #7 go hand-in-hand when it comes to early NINJAK and while BLOODSHOT #6 is clearly the one to buy if you can only get one of the two, they should be read and/or collected as a pair.

BLOODSHOT #6 was the beginning…

NOTE: X-O MANOWAR #5 was the FIRST VEI APPEARANCE of NINJAK since the the 2012 re-launch.

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