By Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson

“All units — repeat, all units — code seven niner–”

“Shit’s hit the van, boys. Let’s ride!”

Once it hits the van the party is pretty much ruined. And did I did hear a niner in there?

The 3rd part of the Dark Knight saga reaches issue #2 with Frank Miller returning as writer along with Brian Azzarello. Miller and Azzarello continue to deliver a story that packs a punch with the both the language and the scenes. Carrie Kelly spends a lot of this issue talking in the same manner a lot of the younger characters did in the original Dark Knight sagas. Miller and Azzarello do well together as they kick off this issue with an intense scene featuring Carrie and the newest commissioner. Carrie isn’t one for talking, but eventually she spills the details on Batman’s fate…but can she really be trusted to tell the truth?

On the artwork side of this issue is Andy Kubert on pencils, Klaus Janson on inks, and Brad Anderson on colors. Kubert once again does a great job to stick to the artistic styles of the original series, but this time puts more of his own style in that he did in issue #1. A great scene coming from all three of these artists shows the aftermath of the Batmobile’s introduction into the issue – you knew it was coming, don’t lie. In front of the Batmobile we see a tipped over GPD (Gotham Police Department) as the Batmobile shines its bright lights and emits the same lights out of the other end as well – as if to signal its arrival incase anyone didn’t notice the massive odd-looking vehicle in the middle of the road. Janson does well to covers the page in his inks as to better showcase the Batmobile’s lit up arrival. The brakes seem to be pretty efficient on the Batmobile as well, so there’s a good chance he bought from Callahan Auto.

Miller and Azzarello deliver another packed issue into the Dark Knight saga. Much like the last one this one also features a bit about The Atom (who seems to have caused a bit of trouble) as well as a short comic featuring some tense scenes between Wonder Woman and her daughter Lara – the daughter she had with Superman, which is a side story growing more intriguing with each segment (Is Lara truly good or bad?). The art was once again reminiscent of the old style Miller brought us all those years ago while giving us some highly detailed scenes hit with some great colors by Anderson. Kubert continues to deliver a familiar look to the characters when it comes to Miller’s take on Batman as Miller himself, along with Azzarello, delivers another great addition to the third part of the Dark Knight saga (The real one, not the Nolan one).

Do you think Batman would ever shake hands with Superman or would he be more of the hugging type? I mean, they’re practically brothers at this point…


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