By Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, Val Staples

“If there were a hundred of them there still wouldn’t be enough. Hiring Deadpool means you mean business.”

Deadpool’s back! Remember when he died because the earth blew up and everyone was incinerated? #Memories. But didn’t we just see him the other day talking to the X-Men on Halloween?

Gerry Duggan is back on as the (only) writer on the series as he brings Deadpool back from the dead. The issue kicks off with us seeing various versions of the merc with a mouth, all leading up to the big reveal (that you’ll have to read to find out)! The comedy is still a big part of the series, along with the reminders of just how deadly Deadpool really is, as shown in the quote above. Something Duggan does well with this issue is give a strong mystery to the story, as we’re given a glimpse of the “real” Deadpool, but then shown another one seemingly portraying the “real” Deadpool on the next page. Will the real Wade Wilson please stand up?

The artist on this issue is Mike Hawthorne, along with inker Terry Pallot, and colorist. Val Staples. If you were reading the previous Deadpool series then the artwork is going to look very familiar. Hawthorne does a great job at giving Deadpool strange facial expressions, despite him wearing a mask. He also does a great job at depicting the various other versions of the merc shown throughout the story (one of which has a Joker-like vibe to him).

A scene featuring all the Deadpool impersonators along with the “real” deal has them meeting with one another in a back room to Deadpool’s store (full of Deadpool merchandise). In this scene with get to see Hawthorne’s take on the various characters all in one room, as well as one of the more humorous scenes of the issue – as a winged version of the merc crashes through the window like a bird hitting the glass, except this bird broke through the glass. To set apart the various versions when unmasked Staples does a great job with the colors as well, giving different complexions to each version, one of which just has a green face (and a pretty cool/terrifying ability).

The merc with a mouth is back! Have you missed him as much as he missed missing you missing him? This issue serves to bring a layer of mystery to the return of Deadpool, as well as a sweet new gang to raise awareness of the world’s greatest mercenary. The artwork is still just as fantastic as it was in previous issues, before you know, the world blew up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch that Halloween video again.



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