By Paul Cornell, Neil Edwards & Ivan Nunes

Paul Cornell and Neil Edwards take the weekly Four Doctors mini-series from Titan Books to all new heights, as we saw the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors working with their companions, Gabby, Alice and Clara to solidify one of the three alternate futures ahead of them. However, by accomplishing this, they did exactly what Clara was trying to prevent them from doing in the first place, and create a future where an alternate Twelfth Doctor’s existence has been ensured.

With some loose ends tied together from previous events, The Four Doctors #4 focuses on the Doctors’ strengths to their advantage, using great interactions to do so which continue to be the highlight of the comic. Watching each version of the Doctor interact with another is the main appeal of this series and it’s great to see that four issues in, it still manages to feel as fresh and exciting as ever with Cornell’s dialogue being fantastic and feeling( like it has done in the previous three issues) very much in character.

With the use of companions from the TV series, such as Clara, you never get the feeling that they’re in danger and that has been the problem in many of Titan’s Doctor Who books, with some of the suspense robbed. But the decision not to put Ten with Rose/Martha/Donna or Eleven with Amy/Rory keeps some elements fresh, as the suspense is kept high concerning Gabby and Alice’s characters. We don’t know if they’re going to make it out alive, and whilst Clara’s safe, it’s a less certain fate awaiting these two.

The artwork from Neil Edwards is again continuously solid and consistent, with attention to each of the smaller quirks of the Doctors – their dress sense in particular, being standout. The colours from Ivan Nunes are just as solid, and really help add to the Doctor Who feel of the universe, with the companions being brought to life just as well as the multiple locations, with the striking home of the aliens known as the Voord being brought to life in fascinating detail.

The issue itself does use a lot of exposition, yet is counterbalanced strongly with the action sequences which allows for a quick read. Cornell, Edwards and Nunes work together incredibly well to continue to give us an excellent multi-Doctor story that should be worth a look into for anyone who isn’t up to date on it already. Recommended.


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