By Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein

Drifter is one of the most unique series from Image right now, which is saying a lot. Issue #5 was the final issue in the first arc, and although it was not the most revelatory final arc issue, it contained just enough to keep readers wanting more in the next arc.

Drifter is characterized by its many ongoing plot points which all have more questions than answers. This first arc introduced us to Ghost Town and the main characters, while also giving us no less than four major storylines in five issues. Beginning so many plots in so few issues certainly made the first arc seem to progress a little too quickly, but it set the stage for what could be a long run of successful arcs to resolve the stories that Ivan Brandon has imagined. Even the priest story, which seems to be resolved in this issue could use a little further explanation to what exactly happened between Arkady’s first appearance and the events in this issue. We don’t know what Brandon has planned for the next arc, but there certainly aren’t a lack of options.

The art in the series has been fantastic and issue #5 is no exception. The art and colors are all done by Nic Klein. His style works perfectly with the story and the colors are really incredible. The scenes with Arkady and Carter look amazing with the cross prominently lighting these violent interactions. Klein also does an exceptional job coloring and adding expression to the many scenes which take place in near or total darkness. He excels in these moments even when the color palette is limited. The final scenes with Abram alone in this alien world feel incredibly dark and lonely. It’s not clear whether Abram is actually experiencing these moments, but the emotions definitely feel real.

This series has an amazingly drawn setting and characters that readers could definitely become invested in. There was a lot going on through this first arc and that may be a great thing if Brandon and Nic can successfully continue these stories. Keep your eyes on Drifter as this is a comic book that could become very exciting, very quickly!

Drifter #5
Drifter #5

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