Effigy #2


By Tim Seeley, Marley Zarcone, & Ryan Hill

Effigy #2 expounds on some of the plots that were introduced in the premiere issue. Chondra Jackson and Detective Moore follow-up on their only lead: the Space Cops tattoo. This allows them to enter into another element of celebrity fan clubs. Tim Seeley reveals the identity of one of the characters that was introduced late in the first comic. It was definitely a surprise for him to disclose this person so early, but that only hints that there are plenty of surprises in store for readers.

In #1, three to four plots were presented and Seeley continues in that similar format. His logical progression of the story is refreshing and allows for an easier grasp of the material, making it a great read. Furthering the exploration of idolatry in pop culture is textually overt, but not heavy-handed; a fine line Tim walks very well. This thematic analysis elevates the material to more than just another neo-noir.

What I found most interesting is how Chondra can remove herself from the horrendous horror that is before her. At the crime scene, she is more interested in talking about fame and TV than the poor soul lost right in front of her. Whether she is just oblivious and egotistical or something else is something I’m sure will become clear in time. This type of nuanced characterization is fantastic.

Also aritst Marley Zarcone and colorist Ryan Hill nail the scene perfectly. On the second page, Zarcone puts the corpse front and center, making sure readers have the macabre image engrained into their retinas. All the while Moore and Jackson talk about TV trivia. Hill, in keeping with noir motifs, has the characters highlighted in shadow. All this is within the first act of the comic! Also, W. Scott Forbes’ cover is unnervingly stunning and really captures the tone of Effigy.

Issue one hit it out the park and this follow-up is no slouch either. There are only two issues out and the comics are reasonably priced ($2.99) – no-brainer folks! This title definitely lives up to the strong reputation of Vertigo Comics.