The Flash has been one of the biggest hits of the fall season of television and to see it renewed for a second outing (which was perhaps inevitable, given the fact that the pilot was the most viewed pilot in the CW’s history) was great to see, especially as we returned in fine form from where we left off, with the revelation that Firestorm, Caitlin’s fiancé, was alive and Barry is determined to beat the Reverse Flash (which has been confirmed to be Dr. Wells, even if it might not be as simple as that). However, when Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) team-up to stop The Flash, he has to make a choice between getting involved or training to stop the greater threat.

The Flash is back, and his suit isn’t looking in the best shape.

Revenge of the Rogues was certainly one of the more exciting episodes of the series so far, as it saw Captain Cold and Heat Wave up their game in order to draw the attention of The Flash, who Captain Cold wanted taken care of.  The two characters were great villains and whilst I haven’t seen an episode of Prison Break, fans who have will certainly appreciate the idea of seeing the actors back on screen together and their performances here have certainly got me interested in checking out that show. These two characters’ team-up signified a remarkable change from the likes of what we’ve had in the past on comic book TV series – villains have mostly operated either on their own, or have taken orders from their superior, or something similar. There are a few exceptions, but what makes The Flash different in this is that Heat Wave and Captain Cold are actively operating together, and it’s great to see them both in action and their fight against The Flash certainly didn’t disappoint.

The arc involving Barry and how he dealt with the aftermath of the Reverse Flash battle was another strong addition to this week’s episode. We got to see what the influences of both Dr. Wells and Joe West were having on him, and their different ideologies (Wells wants to make Barry stronger, Joe wants to help him protect the city) were very interesting parts of a pretty good episode, and we also got to see a possible rivalry start to form between the two men which could give some interesting material to the show going forward.

The other main part of this week’s episode focused on a bit more about the fallout from the return of Ronnie Raymond. It’s clear that there are going to be some big moments for Caitlin going forward and there’s certainly some material here that could leave her heading towards (eventually) becoming Killer Frost like she is in the comics. It felt a bit more connected with the main plot of the episode this time around unlike the previous outing, and we also got to see Jason Rusch (Luc Roderique) make his debut on the show as well.

On the whole then, this week’s episode was another excellent outing for The Flash and hopefully it can keep the momentum going as we enter the second half of the season. It’s great to have this show back after the winter break and it looks like there should be plenty of interesting things to come.


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