By Eastin DeVerna, Ryan Davidson and Dan Buksa

“Good afternoon, Roosevelt High. Students and faculty are reminded that a mandatory curfew is in effect for the full moon starting tonight at 6PM.”

A curfew! But all the cool stuff happens after 6PM… (so I’m told).

Ever feel like you’re all alone? Maybe a little different from everyone else? Writers Eastin DeVerna and Ryan Davidson put a new spin on the werewolf tale that might just make you feel a little bit less alone in these thoughts. Meet Jack Lowe, a teacher living in a world dominated by werewolves.. trouble is… he doesn’t quite fit in.

DeVerna and Davidson use issue #1 of their comic to introduce you to Jack and his nice little town. Everyone has certain rules to live by, curfews and whatnot – which is most likely the town just trying to prevent property damage. During the day everyone seems to be living rather normal lives, but the ever approaching presence of a full moon is putting some people on edge. Other than that though everything seems to be going just fine.

The artist on this series is Dan Buksa. Each page is presented in black and white as Jack makes his way throughout his day. Once it becomes night however Jack finds himself in a bit of trouble…but what’s that? The night sky! Buksa uses a splatter technique to depict a star covered canvas as Jack makes his way out into the (very dangerous) night. But he has a fire to put out (and we all know what happens if you upset Smokey).

Throughout the issue we get a look at various different people turning into werewolves, which Buksa makes sure to present each in a different manner. The one we see show up behind Jack when he’s outside is big and towers over him (Smokey…is that you?). Another time we see two thinner ones atop a car,  possibly teenagers (Hopefully they’ll think Jack is cool since he’s out after 6PM).

Howl #1 puts a new spin on an old story (picture I Am Legend except instead of zombies it’s werewolves). The team of Eastin DeVerna, Ryan Davidson, and Dan Buksa will leave you on the edge come the end of the issue… how long can Jack last in this crazy world? And what’s kept him apart from the others for so long? Did anyone of those students fail the reading quiz?


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